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Viking gold sharpening set

Viking gold sharpening set


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Our Viking gold is fossilized resin from around 40 million old coniferous and deciduous trees. This natural product is always unique when found and even after processing - no two pieces are the same. Amber comes in different colors. Sometimes you find an inclusion in Viking gold, i.e. an insect or a piece of a plant.

Searching for Viking gold is a lot of fun, but often requires a lot of patience.

In your Viking gold sanding set you will find a pre-drilled natural amber, two pieces of different sandpaper and an approximately 100cm long textile band.

The set is a great idea for birthdays, school, daycare and leisure projects.

Our amber jewelry pieces are unique - no two ambers are exactly the same!
For this reason, the image shown here is to be seen as an example image, shape and color vary.
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